What beginners need to learn to start freelancing

What beginners need to learn to start freelancing

What beginners need to learn to start freelancing

The first thing that comes to the mind of those who want to start freelancing is how to start freelancing! What to learn to start freelancing? Although freelancing is a hot topic these days, such questions arise due to the lack of clear ideas among beginners.

It is natural that many topics come up in turn while discussing this topic.

Today I will talk about which subject to improve and which subject to choose only targeting freelancing.

From our experience, people who are non-technical (ie those who don't have an academic CSE, Marketing, Graphics or Fine Art degree) or aren't skilled at anything will usually start freelancing, so here's how to do it. The market is now a problem by rapidly acquiring skills. I will focus. For those with no prior experience in virtual service delivery, our discussion will give you some guidance.

Since freelancing requires hard work, you should prioritize your favorite work first, working long hours without your favorite work, hard work is a bit difficult. Fooling someone or making a lot of money by mastering some skill would be nothing but foolishness. Which you will understand a little later.

So it is better to buy the subject in which you are most interested in one line. Then you will find that learning new things and working for long hours will never be boring. In the beginning, focus on your choice rather than worrying about which one can make more money. So brother is earning a lot of money by learning this, I will do the same. Get out of such stupid thoughts,

I personally know many graphic designer freelancers who earn more than web developers or digital marketers and I know many digital marketer freelancers who earn more than web developers or graphic designers and I know many web developers who earn more than digital marketers or graphic designers .

So the key is skills, if you have more skills you can earn more than many other categories of freelancers.

Now let's discuss who it might be good for

1. Digital Marketing

To be a successful digital marketer you need to acquire the necessary skills to work with all online technologies. And they are not hard at all. If you are familiar with different types of social media and know how to use them, you can master many digital marketing techniques on your own.
With hard work and patience you can master digital marketing.
Social media marketing
SEO or (Marketing through Search Engine Optimization)
Email Marketing

You can start digital marketing with social media marketing and you can start earning through it.
It is possible to build a brilliant career when you master SEO as well as social marketing. If you are non-technical then digital marketing can be a good option for you. And digital marketing is a little easier than graphics design and web development, with which you can earn freelancing within 3 months. Many of our Bangladeshis are not in good financial condition, many can learn it and earn money by freelancing in less time.

And when you start earning big money after learning digital marketing you will have a financial backup then you can learn full-stack SEO and affiliate marketing and stay in this profession for life and earn a smart amount.

Those who like business, sales, market, analysis, up down graph etc can choose this career.

2. Wave development

If you want to choose wave development as your freelancing, you must love programming sincerely, have logical thinking skills, hard work. A good understanding of mathematics will give you a lot of advantage in programming and you can take your career to the top in web development.

To start wave development you need to learn HTML and CSS first. If you are very fond of working on wave development, you can start. Initially you can start freelancing with website design from HTML with some light customization PSD, HTML and CSS and Bootstrap with some readymade JS plugins but to be good at wave development you must learn JS, PHP/Python well. will be

Once you have mastered the above, you can start learning the structure of these languages in more detail. For web design/frontend, you can learn any of the following frameworks depending on your type of work: Bootstrap's backend.

PHP – Laravel / CodeIgniter/ Symfony/ Zend
CMS – WordPress / Joomla
Phthon – Digengo
JS – Node.js. / React / Vue.js / Angular

You can also do freelancing based on different CMS or (Content Management System). The most popular one is – WordPress. Beginners can easily earn minimum 400-500 dollars per month by customizing wordpress. WordPress is the best choice for beginners and it is really possible to work in the market only through customization.

3. Graphics designing

Graphic design can be a great decision to start freelancing. In this case you must have love for design. Those who love to draw, create new things can choose this profession for freelancing.
But of course, you need to master yourself to understand which subjects are in high demand and market based demand in the international market.

In that case it usually starts with the design of the print item. Print design means digital banners, visiting cards, flyers, resume designs etc. but does not stop here.

If you can start, you can later focus yourself as a UI designer or (user interface) design and simultaneously become a UX or (user experience) designer. A UI and UX designer is in high demand these days.

Above points are really for non-technical people. Now understand which one will be more beneficial for you

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