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Make Money Selling Keyword Rich Domain Site

Make Money Online Selling Keyword Rich Domain Site

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If you were knocking around on the Internet back in the early 1990s you could have snapped up domains like for next to nothing (actually they were completely free prior to 1995!).

But these days it seems as though every single decent domain is registered.

But it’s not true, when you expand the definition of ‘decent’ to be any domain that contains strong keywords. More Info Make Money Youtub Ads

Two quick things I will say before going any further…

With that domain and Google

Google did start penalizing exact match domains, but this is only the case if you create a low quality low content site with that domain and Google can thus see it is a shitty little Google adwords or other type of site (ie people are still looking to buy keyword rich domains to help their SEO efforts).

Also by ‘strong’ keywords I mean any keyword getting 800+ unique monthly searches globally.

So what domain names are you looking for ?

Anything where you can imagine an entrepreneur might come along in a years time and want to start a business with it, and would be willing to pay $500-$2,000. More Info Make Money From Ebooks

Notice how I’m keeping expectations low here, ie you’re not going to snap up a domain today that you can sell for $10,000+ in the future, because there simply aren’t enough free domains left.

Also, although you could try and enter the new wild west of alternate top level domains like .tv or .info or .me etc, the 80-20 market remains .com (for now).

Register your domains

So once you register your domains, eg or or whatever, then just hook it up to Godaddy auctions, set a reserve price and wait. The majority of these domains will never sell.

But the 10-20% that do, will make the holding periods of all the domains worth it…well, at least that’s the game plan.

PS if you don’t want to sell for $500, you could always just rent the domain(eg setup a redirect to a company that sells that product and charge an annual fee or do it as PPC).

With keyword rich domains

PPS If you stick to a niche you really understand, you can quickly come up with keyword rich domains that would rock and park the sheeeet out of them in no time. More Info Blogging Evreyone

PPPS parking commonish personal names can also work, as people are often willing to pay a big premium to own their name.

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